Villa Desiderata Retreat Center

Villa Desiderata, with a special affection for 12-step programs, has been offering weekends of a spiritual nature for over 50 years.  We currently provide retreats for members of AA, ALANON, and ACA/ACOA focused activities. Additionally, the Villa conducts other purely spiritual based retreats. These retreats typically begin on Friday and conclude on Sunday. 

The Villa-provided retreats use music, movie clips and small group activities following set themes.   Our retreatants enjoy our delicious catered family type meals.

You will have opportunity for quality fellowship and sharing, as well as for personal reflection.  The facilities include a chapel, a fire pit and an outdoor cooking area as well as a labyrinth on our 7 beautiful acres on Pistakee Lake.

Our facilities are also available for rent for your own spiritual retreats, workshops, days of recollection or 12-step activities. If you are considering the possibility of scheduling a retreat at the Villa, please call us, even if the date you desire has an event scheduled. We have two buildings on the grounds, so there are times when we might have two different group activities on the same day. 

If you have any questions, please contact Art or Chris at 847-772-4927 or email at